To the left, you can see some recordings we've done in the past. Click on one to view a short sample of our editing/recording work. This is not a good way to judge the sound and video image quality since these are streaming video files, but you can get a feel for our camerawork, editing, menus and titles etc.

Note that we used to go by the name BubbleMonkey Media, which is the name you will see in the credits, and on the labels below.

If you don't have Real Player, go to to get the free version of their player.


(Jose Luis Sola, 2005)

(Flanagan's Wake, 2005)



DVD Menu

(UMD Vocal Jazz, 2005)

Menu & Title

(Nutcracker, 2004)
Editing, Camerawork

(UMD Vocal Jazz, 2005)


(UMD Vocal Jazz, 2004)

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