New Projects

For CD or DVD duplication, click here

If you are interested in "employing our services", there are a few key things we need to know.

  1. Where is the event?
  2. How long is it?
  3. How many cameras do you want?
  4. What kind of product do you want (CD, raw video footage, edited DVD/VHS, etc.)?
  5. Do you want the whole thing chronologically or just pieces here and there?
    (For instance, if we're taping an art class, or interviews, maybe you only want pieces here and there)

We can help you figure out all of these things when we talk to you, but this gives you an idea of what you should be thinking about if you don't know what you want yet. If you have more than a few people who will want copies, we will provide order forms for people to fill out and return to you with their payment.

If you're ready to talk to someone about your project now, just click on over to the Contact Us page and contact us :)

To help you decide what best meets your needs within the budget you have available, we've developed this budget estimator. This won't give you a definitive quote, but it will be in the ballpark, and the prices are negotiable (i.e. if you're a church play with no budget, or if you're related to one of us, maybe we give you a 50% discount).

The Magical, Fantastical Video Project Budget Estimatron

Note: This is intended for regular events such as concerts, plays and celebrations. For estimates on photo slideshows or if you don't have Flash Player, try the javascript version. If you have a special project in mind (retreat, interview, scripted video, etc.) just give a call for an estimate.

If a lot of people will be buying copies, the easiest way to pay is to split the cost among the people who are interested in buying copies of the video. Just divide the total cost by the number of copies you expect to sell to see about how much each copy would cost. If it's more than $20, you may have to find some more money somewhere to get the cost per unit down. Check under the mattress - and in the couch cushions. If you don't find enough there, call back and we can work something out :)



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